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The city of Ioannina

Ioannina is a city that offers you breathtaking experiences, and everything next to the ... lake.

The city of Ioannina is located in the center of a beautiful valley, next to Lake Pamvotis. Pamvotis is surrounded by the slopes and forests of Mitsikeli and Tomaros (or Olyčikas), at an altitude of 483 meters, with a width of up to 5.4 km and a length of 8 km.  Pamvotis is known as the lake of Kyra-Frosini, Pamvotis lake with its hidden secrets and traditions has gained international reputation over the years, as its shores are dense and the mountains of Epirus are reflected in its waters.

Egnatia road, which passes through the town of Ioannina, at the time when the city was build and flourished, was one of the busiest roads in the world, as it united Europe with Asia. The city’s sights date back to the times of Ancient Greece, Eastern Roman and Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman rulers, creating a cultural panorama of images, sounds, tastes and aromas. Ioannina is the city of adventures, old tales and mysteries.

Walk through the center of the city and discover all the local shops of silversmiths and craftsmen, who continue to live by the well-known tradition of Ioannina, since their predecessors’ folk art has been traveling around the world from the time of the Byzantine Empire until today. Taste the local cuisine with the traditional pies and recipes that will offer you the most tasteful memories. Their secret lies in the combination of the ancient Greek cuisine, the influences of the Roman, Byzantine, Frankish and Ottoman conquerors and the geological features of Epirus, that result into exceptional flavors. 

As soon as the dusk falls and the city lights shimmer, the city's myth and history come alive in the stone-built alleys under the sounds of the music of the shops. Even in the evening, Ioannina is a city full of people, young people, locals and visitors who constantly discover every aspect of the city, have fun and smile. The young visitors spend their carefree moments with their families, the young people discover the city's legends by the lake and the older taste the magic of the country's history.