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The Silversmithing Museum

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In the southeastern acropolis of Ioannina Castle is located the new Museum of Craftsmanship of the Piraeus Group Cultural Foundation, next to the building of the old cookhouses of the Castle. The museum's exhibition preserves the continental craftsmanship and highlights the development of technology in the region over the years, as well as the cultural background of the society of Ioannina in which it flourished. The main theme of the museum is the technological progress of silversmiths during the pre-industrial period in the wider continental region of Epirus.

Oriented mainly in the post-Byzantine period, from the 15th century onwards, the exhibition of the Silversmiths Museum does not fail to make references from the distant past as the technology used to produce silverware often goes back to much earlier periods. With two levels of exhibition space and a variety of interactive digital games, parallel educational programs, documentary films and more, the visitor to the exhibition of the Ioannina Museum enjoys a complete knowledge and learning experience by activating all his senses.

Discover the traditional techniques of shaping and decorating silverware, get to know first-hand each technique’s different stages necessary to the creation of the final product and witness an exceptional historical and cultural procedure. The second level of the exhibition hosts the collection of works from the 18th to the 20th century with elaborate artworks, jewelry, weapons and items of personal or household use. Moreover, the exhibit includes works of modern local craftsmanship by silversmiths who are active in the wider region of Epirus and perpetuate a unique tradition, by both evolving its techniques and keeping the traditional elements that their predecessors valued.