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Ali Pasha Museum and the Revolutionary Period

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The Museum of Ali Pasha and Revolutionary Era is located in the beautiful island of Ioannina and hosts some astonishing works of art of the locals’ everyday life, silverware, Greek ceramics, guns, traditional costumes of the Epirus region, paintings and authentic folklore objects from the late 18th to the middle of the 19th century. In this museum you will also find the famous flintlock of Ali Pasha and the silver sword of the national benefactor Apostolos Arsakis.

The museum’s premises are divided into thematic sections, that include the Ali Pasha’s room, where he received a deadly shot during his engagement with a Turkish soldier, and the torture room that Ali used to keep his prisoners. The colorful flowers of Islam, tulips and cloves adorn the 17th century Iznik plates in the room of Sultan Mahmoud II, the one who ordered the murder of Pasha because he supported the Greek community of the region.

Witness the glamour of the silver jewels that once adorned the beautiful females of the palace and visit a Winter Onda, a representation of a typical living room of Ioannina during the Ottoman era, with Ali Pasha and his wife’s emblems. The collection of the museum takes its name from its director, Fotis Rapakousis, who was inspired by his grandmother’s stories, fell in love with the culture and history of his homeland, Epirus, and led a creative path as a collector.