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Excursion to Perama Cave

Unique phenomenon

Ioannina will never stop amaze us!

A truly special tour that will surely be unforgettable to both young and old is exploring the Perama Cave! It is a magical world made out of a fairy tale.

The historical cave of Perama counts 1.5 million years of life and is located in the interior of the Goritsa hill above the village of Perama.  Visitors have the opportunity to visit Cave, thanks to speleologists Anna and Ioannis Petrochilos (founders of the Hellenic Speleological Society), who were the first to explore and map the interior. Its history is of great interest, as evidence about its existence and its use dates back to the Second World War, where the inhabitants of the area used it as a shelter to protect themselves from the bombing.

You cannot leave Ioannina without visiting this Paradise of natural beauty! Perama Cave is one of the world's best caves because of the size and wide variety of 19 different types of stalactites and stalagmites found inside. Although the total area of ​​the Perama Cove occupies 14,800 sq. Meters, the route allowed for visitors to follow is about 1,100 meters for safety reasons. Of course, this kilometer hides within its 'treasures' that you will find it hard to find elsewhere! Successive spaces and walkways, where the temperature varies to 17 ° C, will take you to a mysterious, fairy-tale world of stalactites, stalagmites and impressive reliefs on the walls. Part of t Perama Cave is fossilized teeth and bones of a rare species of bear, cave-like, found for the first time in 1956.