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Historic Center of Ioannina, Flavors and Tradition

Walk it

The myths and legends of the historic center of Ioannina, which stretches along the lake, invite you to roam the streets of this beautiful city and explore the history of different cultures and eras. The famous Clock of Ioannina on the north side of the town square is decorating the city, like another of its many beautiful gems, for many centuries and was built in 1905 by the great architect Pericles Melirritos. Walking down the main street you will find yourself surrounded with local folk art shops with souvenirs and goldsmiths hidden in every corner.

The smell of local delicacies will embrace you amongst the old trade galleries and folk houses, as the alleys with traditional cafes and modern bars will be bustling with laughter and music. Here you can try the traditional beverage ‘tsipouro’ and the famous ‘baklava’, which holds its origins from the Middle East and the former Ottoman countries. 

By all means, you shouldn’t miss the chance to try the well-known varieties of local dairy and cheese products with unique quality! These flavors travel from past generations and always remain unique, such as the famous traditional Metsovone and other similar dairy products with oregano and crushed red pepper. Just a few blocks away you will definitely come across a store that features traditional desserts with mushroom as the main ingredient, natural herbs and Zitsas wines, composing a flavor palate that combines the sea aura and the wild beauty of the mountains. The lemon balm, mint and wild blue berry, in addition to their beneficial properties, give a unique sensation, which is inherent in the aura of the Epirotic region.