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Museum of Greek History and Wax Effigies «Pavlos Vrellis»

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The story meets artistic creation through the hands of an experienced craftsman, who designs and represents the history of the place before the Revolution of 1821. Paul Vrellis, born in Giannena in 1923, painted, sculpted stones and woods from a small age during the First World War. 50 years later, in 1983, a museum full of art, with respect to history and tradition, opens its doors to give the public the unique opportunity to "see" history through its own creations.

The museum of Greek History “Pavlos Vrellis” is housed in an 18th-century Urban Castle of local architecture outside of Bizani-Ioannina, an hour away from Lake Pamvotis. 150 natural-size waxworks created as faithful and original representations, compose a unique experience of a historical journey that is thematically divided into exhibits prior to the 1821 War of Independence, exhibits from 1821 until the 20th century and separate references and tributes to important Greek personalities, such as Officer Pavlos Melas and Lady of Ro.

The “Women of Pindos”, “The Battle of Crete”, “Cyprus” and “German Furnaces” come alive in flesh and bone, making this museum’s visit an unforgettable experience. Vrellis himself has also renovated and redesigned the exterior of the museum, while always maintaining his respect for the traditional Epirotic architecture and his love for nature. Vrelli’s work is truly remarkable if one considers that for some of his wax creations, the means he possessed were meager: “I am really struggling to bring people to life when the reports I have about them are few or less (for Dionysius the Philosopher, I actually had only one sketch)".