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Excursion to Tzoumerka

Heaven on earth

At the border between Epirus and Thessaly, in central Pindos, between the rivers Arachthos and Aspropotamos and just about 30 km from Ioannina, you will encounter a terrestrial paradise, Tzoumerka!

The 'Tzoumerkohoria' and their history

Tzoumerka or otherwise Athamanian Mountains, as their official name, is a cluster of 47 picturesque villages and traditional settlements, the Tzoumerko villages, the most well-known being Kalarrytes, Melissourgos, Pramanta, Agnanta, Athamania, Vourgareli and Gardiki Trikalon. Several of the Tzoumerka villages are located at an altitude of over 2000 meters, while their highest peak is Karditsa at 2.429 meters and the second highest in Kataphysi at 2.393 meters.

Although the area's tourist development level is not high, a feature that serves the pure pleasure of natural wealth and enchanting landscapes, the Pramanta village, the largest of the Tzoumerka, has developed relatively large tourist activity in recent years, but managing to maintain its authenticity. The creation of this traditional and beautiful village complex, takes us back to the period between the 14th and 15th centuries, that is, the period of Ottoman domination, which determines the region as of great historic importance.

Tzoumerka, the environment and the beautiful natural landscape

The natural wealth you will encounter in Tzoumerka is truly admirable. The large area of the residential area is shaped with great respect for nature and the environment and manages to be lost in the mountainous landscape, with the rich vegetation, waterfalls and rivers of the area.

Villages and villages with stone-built houses and mansions combine with the natural surroundings and create a picture of serenity and harmony that invites you to explore it with a sense of responsibility and affection for the greatness of nature. An important feature of the area is also the wide variety of rare bird species. The hospitality and protection of these rare species, which are under extinction, has led to the inclusion of many Tzoumerka villages in the Natura 2000 network of protected areas.

Natural beauty and exploration in Tzoumerka

Tzoumerka, as well as the wider region, are a gem of mountainous Greece due to the dense forests and the impressively rich flora and fauna. Inside the deep green, the Arachthos River and its tributary, Kalárytikos, cool the eye and create a fairytale that remains engraved in the mind.

During your tour of Tzoumerka you will come across many pleasant surprises! Traditional bridges sprang up in various parts of the area, with the most famous of them being the bridge of Plaka, which is the largest one-arched bridge in the Balkans (40 meters long, 18-20 meters high). Other places worth visiting include the red church just outside the village of Vourgareli, the folk museum of Pantelis Karalis, the cave Anemotrypa just outside the village of Pramanta and the Kipina Monastery.

Tzoumerka can be described as a "paradise" for nature lovers and those who love exploration! The area has wonderful hiking trails that will lead you to striking beauty spots and give you the opportunity to admire the natural richness that surrounds you. For the more adventurous of you, Tzoumerka hide other treasures! The area offers activities such as rafting, 4x4, mountain biking and horse riding and invites you to enjoy this magical place with a more 'bold' look.