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Action and myths in the Acheron River

Natural beauty

If you want to enjoy the majestic coexistence of natural beauty with Greek mythology and action, then visit the Acheron River!


Acherontas River carries in its waters the myth of the 'residence of the souls'. According to ancient Greek mythology, Hermes as a "psychopath" gave the souls of the dead to Harrodas through the river Acherontas in order to reach the kingdom of Hades. For this reason, it is said that the plain of Acheron, next to Lake Acherousia, was the point of residence of the souls, where the Necromantic of Acheron was created.

In the modern times, the Acheron River, with a length of some 52 kilometers, and the surrounding area, consist a popular destination for visitors due to their natural beauty and environmental significance. The streams and the river estuaries, as well as the wider area are among the Natura 2000 European Nature Conservation Areas and are a key source of information in the field of environmental education.


In the frame that creates the beautiful natural landscape and the morphology of the area around the river that facilitates access, you will have the opportunity to enjoy moments with your friends or family and try out various activities such as canoes, kayaks, rafting, and even riding. But also for those who prefer to stand their feet on the ground, there is the possibility of hiking where you can cross the river to the mouth of Ammoudia, accompanied by an experienced guide.