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Excursion to the island of Ioannina, Lake Pamvotis

Do not miss it!

The magic of Ioannina lies on land and water. One of the most scenic and interesting day trips you can enjoy is the visit to the island of Lake Pamvotis, which is located on the northwest side of the lake and adorns its crystal clear waters.

The island of Ioannina is one of the two inhabited islands in lakes of Greece and Europe, and it is a real jewel for the region due to its traditional settlement and its geomorphology. At 1000 meters long, 480 meters wide, and at 59 meters above the lake's surface, there are currently about 100 families who live in the island. 

The difference between the two sides of the island is really interesting, as on its western side you will find mild terrain and shores while on the other side the ground is rocky. Its beauty, of course, is also based on the dense vegetation that results from the climate created by the lake.

The settlement of the island will enchant you, with its traditional cobbled streets, the architectural designs that take us back in history and the graceful traditional art shops!

A Monastic Center and cultural heritage

The importance of the island of Ioannina is also due to its status as a monastic center. You can visit the five great historical monasteries that have been on the island since ancient times and are preserved to nowadays, and admire the tradition of the place in an environment full of history and Greece. It is worth mentioning that the monastic state of centuries in the island of Ioannina is the third largest in Greece, right after Mount Athos and Meteora!

The educational tour you have the chance to enjoy in this magical place does not stop at the monasteries! It continues in the Museum of the Pre-Revolutionary Period and "Ali Pasha" which you will meet in the Monastery of Agios Panteleimonas, where in 1822 the assassination of Ali Pasha took place. Inside the museum, where objects that belonged to Ali Pasha and relics from the Ottoman period of Epirus are exhibited, you get the opportunity to discover the history of the place through the centuries.

How do you reach?

You can visit the island of Ioannina with one of the boats that start from the "Molos" of Ioannina and operate on regular routes every half hour. This unique route lasts about 6 minutes.